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Ok so I have decided that I’m really gonna make a push to get the vlog I promised up on here within a week! I’ve been having such trouble finding time to get on here because of being so busy at work. I just need a few days to gather my thought as to what I want to say and then shoot and edit it. I’ve already decided to talk about the story about how I got started, talk about where I am at right now with my training, and my plans for the future. The rest will be filled with questions that any of you may have. If I don’t get any questions then the video will be as I described! So… any questions?

I need some help

I’m not sure what to post anymore! I really hate just reblogging shit but at this point in time I honestly have no idea what to post. I feel like I can only post so many progress pictures haha SO I’m asking you my followers for some help: what do you want to see from me? I really have no idea. Do you want tips, do you want me to post my lifting routine, more progress pictures? I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing my first vlog so if anyone has good ideas for that please let me know!  Anyone?


Currently on vacation in Nova Scotia! I love it here and I’m having so much fun visiting with all my family and seeing my grandparents. Work was starting to get a little stressful so this is a nice break. Came down on Friday and I’ll be here until Sunday. My cousin is also getting married on Saturday so i’m excited to party with my family. The only downside is that miss Shelby!


Shelby and I are in Las Vegas with her family! It’s both of our first times and so far I’m loving it. It’s insane! It’s so busy and loud and definitely lived up to my expectations. We are staying at the New York New York which has been great so far. We’re gonna be in Vegas till thursday and then were heading on to California to go to Disneyland and then on to San Francisco!